Environmental protection has always been a priority for us. Therefore, plastic products distributed by Richfield Trading B.V. are environmentally friendly and easy to recover in the recycling process. Our aim is to inform our customers about the need for packaging waste recycling.

Did you know that recent researches of Denkstadtt Institute from Austria show that plastics are connected to only 1.3% of the average European "Carbon Footprint". And so the production of clothing generates 9% and food 13%. The life cycle of products from plastics including a phase of recycling saves CO2 emission from 5 up to 9 times greater than the amount of CO2 emitted during production. The trends will be even more beneficial for the environment as a result of greater social awareness, modernization of production and increased efficiency of goods.



Ethics in business is as clean air. Without it, each institution is doomed to failure. The most essential aim of Richfield Trading B.V. is to satisfy customers with products and services through an individual approach to their needs. Since the company foundation, we developed a "know how" to ensure continuity of supplies and rapid distribution. Within all this, the keyword in our company is honesty. Honesty in our delivery times, our payments, our contractual obligations and at any other level in our company. We believe, Honesty today will bring a brighter tomorrow.


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